Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Stevie is a well-respected live performer and studio session player, working with the likes of Michael Hossack (Doobie Brothers), Myron Dove (Santana) Jazz keyboardist Elliot Lewis, Dan Devou, producer/engineer Dr. Richie Moore, and countless others. He was a highly regarded "hired gun" whose fretwork was in demand by many of the top Bay Area acts for years.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Stevie continued doing studio session work, and recorded & performed with many local bands as well, including Nile, a Malibu-based group whose first album was produced by Richard Dashut (Fleetwood Mac). This led to many interesting impromptu live performances with players such as Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, and many others.
Stevie met former Camel keyboardist Peter Bardens in 1989, around the time of Pete's "Speed of Light" tour. The following year he played guitar on several songs for Peter, which were later released on his "Big Sky" CD. When Bardens' guitarist Neale Heywood left to join Lindsey Buckingham's band, Stevie was a natural choice to fill his position. He knew all of the material from each of Pete's solo albums, and had a strong affinity for his songwriting. For several years Stevie recorded & performed with Peter in the U.S., including the recording of Pete's "Further Than You Know" CD for the Miramar label.

Soon the two joined up with ex-Camel drummer Andy Ward, David Sinclair, Pye & Jimmy Hastings from Caravan, and bassist Rick Biddulph for a short tour of the UK and Holland as "Mirage", resulting in a live CD recorded at the Manchester Apollo Theatre. Following the tour, Stevie and Pete reformed the band with Dave Cohen and Desha Dunnahoe under the name of "Pete Bardens' Mirage", and toured Europe again - this time in March 1996, recording another live CD.

After doing a few live shows with Mirage in the U.S. during May 1997, Stevie moved on to write and record new material for his first solo CD projects. Positive worldwide reviews of his guitar playing and compositional skills throughout the span of his own CDs and his years with Peter Bardens, especially during tours of the UK and Europe, have confirmed Stevie's undeniable guitar virtuosity.  

Currently, Stevie's main focus is composing music for Film, Television, Advertising, and Interactive Media Sync licensing. His work has been featured on Fox, ABC, NBC, the Los Angeles Emmy Award Shows, the Ani-FX Animation Festival, and countless other projects. His guitar work can be heard on the Ubisoft video game "Red Steel" for composer Tom Salta, the Mattel animated character "Max Steel" for composer David Raiklen, and in the documentary film "Sin By Silence" for composer Desha Dunnahoe.

 For the past several years Stevie has also been an integral part of the Internationally known Tribute band Hollywood U2. As a long-time lover of U2's music - and a guitarist who has an insatiable appetite for experimentation with guitar tones and textures, Stevie has found Hollywood U2 to be the perfect place to apply his talents.